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You Can Enjoy Watermelon in More Than One Way

You Can Enjoy Watermelon in More Than One Way

Watermelon is everywhere during the summer months. Whether you’ve just woken up and are not in the mood to have the usual breakfast, or you’ve just gotten home after a long hot day, or even plan on munching on something healthy. The answer is tarbooz [watermelon].

Getting nerdy: This heavenly fruit contains 92 percent water, 6% sugars, and is low in fat. How’s that for a start?

One bite into a slice of a ripe watermelon and you’re immediately refreshed on a hot day. Tadda! You won’t even mind the juice running down your arm and creating a sticky mess (literally).

But there’s no rule that you should only cut it in cubes or slices, let it chill and then eat it. Sometimes even with salt. In fact, how about trying out some new ways of using this fruit?

Grilled watermelon pizza

Who would’ve known that you could turn a watermelon into a pizza?! As ridiculous as it sounds, the taste is out of this world and we highly recommend it. And get creative. Top it with as many ingredients as you like.

Find the recipe here.

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Mint Salad

You can make this salad for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is fresh, zesty and oh-so-summery! Salads are a lifesaver in these hot months. No need to stand in front of the stove in order to prepare complicated meals if something so simple can be this appetizing.

Find the recipe here.

Watermelon popsicles

By now, you might want to grab the popsicles right from here. Ek tou tarbooz, upar say thanda, upar se baraf. Who wouldn’t want to have this chilled version of watermelon in summer? And trust us on this: this recipe contains only three ingredients.

Find the recipe here.

Grilled watermelon wedges

Healthy, healthy, super healthy! So far, we thought that grilled pineapple slices was the only possibility in the world of fruits. But then enters watermelon. Give yourself a barbecue-feel with this simplest recipe and it won’t even take long.

Find the recipe here.

Watermelon iced-tea

As a nation, Pakistanis cannot live without tea. So what if it isn’t the garam garam chai? This watermelon iced-tea is as refreshing.

Find the recipe here.



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