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Anoushey Ashraf is A Wandering Pakistani, For Real

Anoushey Ashraf is A Wandering Pakistani, For Real

This is what her Instagram bios have to say about her: Wanderlust. 📺 presenter. Snapchat junkie. Mother to 3 dogs. Wannabe blogger. Over eater. Doodler. Content creator. WWF Ambassador. Will see the 🌎

Is there anything that Anoushey Ashraf is not? What she forgot to mention on both her Instagram accounts is the fact that she’s the perfect tour guide. You can find her on her official Instagram account or her recent creation which is dedicated to travel. She is indeed The Wandering Pakistani.

We decided to go through both her accounts to figure out the number of cities or countries or cultures she has explored. And we must say, we’re impressed!

In Passu, Pakistan, so close to the border of China

Once upon a time in Spain

Hi All! I am very excited to share the very first video from our travels in Spain. As you all know traveling is a passion of mine – so we decided to capture the best parts of our journey for you all to experience as well. This is Barcelona – a magical city with a thriving metropolitan culture, people from all walks of life and a rich historical heritage dating back to the Roman era. The Spanish are warm and hospitable with many living in large families like we do here in Pakistan. And many of them were surprised to see two Pakistani women traveling as all they see on the news is what a dangerous country Pakistan is and how the people are extremists. We were able to show them there is much more to Pakistan by sharing our personal stories of family, traditions, etc. If Spain is too far for you, Pakistan and many amazing countries close by are equally exciting so if you have the opportunity, go explore and share your travels too. The world is our oyster & there is no better education then learning about all it has to offer. Hope you Enjoy it! See full video https://www.facebook.com/anousheyofficial/posts/10153470692228195 #travel #instagram #explore #wanderingpakistani #discover #Spain #Barcelona

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Yup, that’s Anoushey relaxing in Thailand

She has even been to Doha, Qatar!

This wanderer has been to Kabul, Afghanistan

And Herat, Afghanistan

Anoushey has even seen Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

Following 9/11, Mazar-i-Sharif was the FIRST Afghan city to fall to the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance (United Front, full of Uzbeks and Hazaras) The Taliban’s defeat in Mazar quickly turned into a rout from the rest of the north and west of Afghanistan. After the Battle of Mazar-i-Sharif in November 2001, the city was officially captured with many talibans killed by forces of the Northern Alliance. They were joined by the United States Special Operations Forces and supported by the U.S. Airforce. The regular attacks on Uzbeks and Hazaras by the Taliban even today is their version of revenge, as there are violent attacks on these communities from time to time. I do feel a little scared recording out in the open sometimes specially because the channel we’re working for has been issued a warning by the talibans because they ran an anti-Taliban campaign not so long ago. However, we’re well taken care of and the locals here have much love to share. Top: my shot of the lovely shrine of Hazrat Ali (a.s) during Magreb Left bottom: selfie with Mujeeb’s fans. No jokes. Bottom right: the under developed, small city of Mazar, not much to show here. #wanderingPakistani #afghanistan #travel #Travelgram #Nushtravels

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This girl has also reached Mushkpuri, which is all the way up north in Pakistan

At the top of beautiful Mukshpuri at 2800 metres above sea level. The trek on horseback (and a little on foot) took us around 2 hours. There are two ways to get here, one from Dunga Gali, which is a shorter but more difficult trek. We took the track from Nathia Gali which may take 20 mins more but is a much prettier path laden with Alpine trees, the Lalazar park ( mini zoo up on the hill) and places to stop and breathe. For the ones not too physically fit I’d recommend to get yourself a horse for the ride, it cost us 4K both ways but totally worth it. This also happened during Eid so peak season charges were perhaps applied. The last tome I went they charged us 3000 (30$) both ways! It’s totally worth it once you get to the top though. Take your phones fully charged for epic pictures of the Neelam river in Kashmir, Muzaffarabad etc on a clear day! Sit back and watch the clouds descend through the trees and one can literally sit around while they pass through you! Wow!! Don’t litter, some people do and it hurts me to no end! I tried to tell the locals to take ownership and fine people who leave behind soda cans and wrappers, made my blood boil to be honest! This aside, take the trek, get some music and a good book, get to the top, lie around nature and enjoy our beautiful Pakistan! #instatraveling #travelgram #exploretheworld #Me thanks @wassayhassan for the picture!

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Istanbul, Turkey. Of course

Woah, even Denpasar district of Bali, Indonesia!

A beautiful silver jewellery store in the heart of Celuk Village in the Denpasar district of Bali, Indonesia! Almost all shops in this area are owned by locals who take keen interest in quality, design and craftsmanship of the product they produce. I got some lovely earrings and rings for myself and my near and dear ones for some great prices! Bargain away. And be amazed by the exteriors, designs and architecture on many of these buildings! The eye for detail is ridiculous! I was certainly left in awe and just recently came across this picture of mine!! Indonesia too, is an awesome place to travel to. #throwback #myshot #travel #traveling #travelling #travelingram #travels #traveler #travelphotography #traveller #travelbug #traveltheworld #travelers #travelvideo

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Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany), starting on 13 August 1961, the Wall completely cut off (by land) West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin until government officials opened it in November 1989. Its demolition officially began on 13 June 1990 and was completed in 1992! Many people had died trying to get to the other side of the wall in the past, imagine that!! It was surreal being here. Families, friends and loved ones living on two separate sides of a wall. Was this ever fair? Is war ever fair? Is division ever fair?? Here is my shot of a part of the wall that still stands and signifies the length to which people have gone to create divide. This experience with a little dose of history was almost surreal! Travel really opens your eyes so many great things that have happened and continue to happen around the world!! Makes the world a VERY interesting place #travel #traveling #travelling #travelingram #travels #traveler #travelphotography #traveller #travelbug #traveltheworld #travelers #travelvideo #exploringtheglobe

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Bonjour, France

Just another day in Rome, Italy

And now we’ve descended upon Rome. As touristy as it can be but if one can manage to find a spot and just stare at this grand structure made thousands of years ago, you’re still left in utter awe! Home to the progressive Romans who introduced us to everything modern we know today. Sports, education, science, Philosophy and so much more. The land of the best pizza’s, aperol spritz, Ferrari etc and a handsome football team! This country reminds me of home, only a bit though. They take their big families seriously, are loud enough, love dancing and napping (siestas) and have big hearts! I love #italy #instagram #adventure #explore #Roma #colosseum #travel #traveling #travelling #travelingram #travels #traveler #travelphotography #traveller #travelbug #traveltheworld #travelers #travelvideo

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Naples in Italy is breathtaking

She even got to go to Dubrovnik in Croatia on a Game of Thrones tour!!!

Hong Kong is off her travel list now

Santorini, Greece. How could she not? 

Hear her tips when in Santorini

There was also her in Mykonos, Greece

Nammos! Crowded but the clearest water. #explore #travel #travelphotography #travelblogger #greece

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No one, absolutely no one, travels like Anoushey does. From Pakistan that is. Her Instagram makes us adore the life she is living and we want to add more and more countries to the travel bucket and travel like she does.





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