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Remembering The Delicious Samosa

Remembering The Delicious Samosa

Samosa. This triangle-shaped dough with a yummy filling. Aloo, qeema, sabzi, cheese. You name it. Severely deep-fried and served with sweet and sour chutney (or even ketchup). You can’t stop at one bite.

Special occasions are incomplete without samosas being served to our mehmans. That baittaa zara aik darjann garam garam samosay tou le aao, tumhari khala arahi hain moment. Get it get it? If you’ve had any doubt about samosas being the best snack on earth, here are 15 reasons you’re wrong.

1- Rainy day. A samosay-wala nearby, making garam garam samosay.

2- Then the samosay-wala serves them to you on a newspaper.

3- We all love the crust the most.

4- When samosa meets chutney. Oye hoye hoye.

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5- Nothing better than samosa and chai.  Haye!

6- The last bit of the crust is the crispiest.



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