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‘Project Ghazi’ May Be Released in August or November: Humayun Saeed

‘Project Ghazi’ May Be Released in August or November: Humayun Saeed

The film which picked the title to become Pakistan’s first superhero movie didn’t do well at the premiere last night. Originally scheduled for a Friday release, was postponed right after its premiere at Nueplex.

“The shooting was completed only two months ago, and there it was being premiered last night.” 6degrees got in touch with Humayun Saeed to learn more about why upcoming Project Ghazi’s release has been postponed.

Humayun said that he himself saw the movie for the first time at the premiere. “The technical issues were obvious. Poor sound being one of them, Project Ghazi seemed incomplete,” he shared. According to the actor, the makers should have spent at least five months to fix the those issues.

After the premiere, team Project Ghazi took to social media to share that the release of the sci-fi film would be announced later.

“I could not let an incomplete movie go public. It was my duty to stop its release immediately,” said a Humayun who is a big supporter of Pakistani cinema. According to him, he called Director-General ISPR and requested him not to let the film hit cinemas in this state. “I had been telling the producer not to release it. But there was pressure from the brands which is what led to the film’s premiere.”

Project Ghazi has been directed by Nadir H. Shah and produced by Syed Mohammad Ali Raza. It features not just Humayun, but also Sheheryar Munawar, Syra Shahroz and Adnan Jaffar.

The actor has no regrets being a part of this project. “He is a good guy, the producer. Being new, he didn’t see this coming.” The movie is aesthetically good, boasts a new idea, and the team has worked really hard to produce this film, he shared.

“There’s this label on me that I only act in films I am wholly behind,” he said. By working in this movie, Humayun wanted to support the new generation that has and is making it to the film industry.

The movie is likely to make it to the cinema screens in August “if the team works day and night”, or November, according to Humayun. “No premiere for Project Ghazi once its technical issues are fixed,” he added.

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