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Did This Chinese Just Cook Biryani in the Latest Shan TVC?!

Did This Chinese Just Cook Biryani in the Latest Shan TVC?!

Okay. Everyone loves Biryani. Well, we thought that was the case for desis alone. But no! Because: Pak Cheen Dosti Zindabad. 

In a TV commercial which has recently been aired, Chinese actors have just taken Biryani to a whole new level.

Shan, in its latest TV commercial, has featured a Chinese couple who have recently moved to Lahore and the wife is wondering how she can make herself feel at home [read: make friends]. And since they are in Lahore, and apparently food is everything for those in Lahore, she thinks buying a packet of Shan’s Biryani masala will be good enough to make new friends.

(Psst! Isn’t Biryani for the Karachi walas and Pulao for the Lahoris?)

Anyway, it is just a normal day and the Chinese woman is shopping at a grocery store, finding the masalay. Doesn’t it remind you of the times you’re visiting this very famous mall on Clifton (we’re so obvious) where you can easily spot 10-12 Chinese people (who’re so comfy) per visit? Well that’s the same comfort you see on her face in this ad.

So she cooks! She cooks chatpatti Pakistani biryani making it look as easy as abc. Cliche much? We thought so. The Biryani is ready and she places it in a bamboo steamer. Did you ever imagine Biryani making way to a bamboo steamer?

For Pak-Cheen Dosti to continue, the sad Chinese lady walks up to her neighbor and gives her Biryani. The expressions of the women who taste this biryani are priceless. It is like the world will end.

But that’s not it! These gals and aunties become friends over Biryani. Sadqay Waari moments galore. Pappiyaan Jhappiyaan like never before. The Chinese woman and the Lahori women have just strengthen the CPEC-game in Pakistan, it seems.

And it isn’t just them who are partying. In fact, the commentary on social media is rising.

Hello there Lahore Vs Biryani debate!

The Lahore Vs Biryani Vs Karachi is likely to heat-up. The ad is already viral and has become the talk of the town. Biryani after all rules us all.

According to the TVC, Biryani is the best when it comes to making friends. But who shares Biryani? Just who?! And is it okay to think that Pakistani women can only bond over food? Watch the ad here and decide: 


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