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Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts You Still Have Time to Get

Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts You Still Have Time to Get

On May 14th, which is the second Sunday of May, is Mother’s Day. Logically, one does not need single day to celebrate motherhood, but the day exists to make it all the more special. And for this reason, we thought that helping you make her day will be important. After a good amount of research, we’ve put together a list of the very best gifts you could get her. From salons, to spas, to flowers, to jewelry, to clothes. This list is here to save you.

Flowers, scented candle and spa voucher

What more does a woman want? This basket has it all and we think that it is one spectacular deal to consider.

Place your order here.

Something chocolaty 

Butlers Chocolate Café is a perfect choice for chocolate boxes and we adore their premium range of chocolates. The have a ‘Cookie Cake’ on the menu now, so you might as well take your mom there on Mother’s Day.

Pamper your mom at this salon in Lahore

Hifsa Khan Salon & Studio is giving you a chance to get yourself and your mother pampered this Mother’s Day. All you need to do is book a bridal makeup for yourself and get a 50% discount on your mom’s makeup. Make the bookings here.

In this second yummy deal, check out the range of services this luxurious salon is offering at such affordable rates! Who would want to miss that?!

Follow the style guide

Make your mother standout. Give her the surprise of all surprises. Head down to the HSY stores in Lahore and Dolmen Mall Clifton (Karachi) in order to pick this breathtaking piece. HSY himself has also told you what to pair it up with and give her the look she has never had.

A basket full of love

Lals never fails to impress. Take a look at the Mother’s Day baskets which they have to offer. Here’s what they have in store for you: Mug with Chocolate bark, Ultimate Leather Gift Hamper, Mother’s Day Gourmet Gift Basket. These are the specials, but they also have their usual chocolate boxes, cakes and cupcakes. Place your order here.

Complimentary dessert for the mommy?!! 

Nothing better than spending time with your mother and making it special for her. That’s Koel Cafe’s motto this Mother’s Day. And rightly so, this eatery is offering a complimentary dessert to the mothers. Make the reservations here.

Gift card all the way

Isn’t it tough to shop for her? There’s so much confusion. What if she doesn’t like what we get her? This time, Khaadi is taking care of the problem. The Khaadi Gift Card is what you need to get for your mother. Visit there stores to get your hands on these cards.

Keeping the style-game strong 

From the kurti to the packing. It is all so special. Which is why Sapphire is offering this to you. Place your order here.

Dear Mom, With Love….

Which mother wouldn’t like something from Habitt? They’ve put together the most beautiful pieces together just to make your mommy feel beautiful. Check out the items and place the order here.

Make a statement

Esfir- By Tasbih and Hafsa has put EVERYTHING on sale. EVERYTHING! Get a 10% off on any article that you purchase. Take a look at their state-of-the-art jewelry and place your order here.



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