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5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Room This Eid

5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Living Room This Eid

Eid is coming and there is not a better excuse than this to give your living room a makeover. There will be a lot of mehmaan coming over, and your living space should be all set to welcome them.

Start by taking everything off the shelves, sofas and chairs. Lift any rugs and discard anything you no longer want or need, and give everything else a good clean. Just like you’ll be in new clothes and will do anything to standout, hence there is no harm in giving this space of your house a change. It does not mean that one needs new furniture pieces in the house.

Take a look at the suggestions we have for you:


Cushions can really pump up the look of a place only because of the fun colours, shapes, and textures they come in. A dull and grey sofa can be at its best the moment a yellow cushion is placed on it.


Show off your personality, interests and passions with the help of images. These can be paintings, prints off the internet, pictures from the places you’ve traveled to or even pictures of your family and friends. Images are a great way to tell people what kind of a person you are. And the bonus is that they look great after being put up on walls around the house.


Lighting up a room right can completely change the look and feel of a space. It’s particularly important in the living room, where one spends quite some time. The decision is all yours on whether to go for a chandelier, pot lights or spotlights, ceiling lights, floor or table lamps. Sometimes even candles can be magical. In fact, if you’re lucky, natural light may be ace for your living room space if the right amount is coming through on the spots which need to be in the spotlight.


There’s no Eid without flowers. Colors are always important and flowers are there to provide the correct and natural amount of it. Since it is summer, there’s a wide range of flowers available at the local florists. And thanks to the ‘imported’ flowers which can be easily found anywhere, you can do so much to beautify your living room area. Once you bring them home, you will notice how they add life to the space.

Table decor

This one is a must. Empty tables look so boring. Place various kinds of things on it to inject some personality into your living room. You can do so with souvenirs that you got your hands on during travels, or with books which you think will go with the theme of your living room, or even vases. The list is endless. You may even put your idle ottoman to use, as a table of course. And again, it all depends on how you want to decorate your home.



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